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  • Sales Rank: #136 in Digital Devices 5
  • Brand:
  • Model: SD4930UR
  • Released on: 2014-07-24
  • Dimensions: .35″ h x
    2.62″ w x
    5.48″ l,
    .35 pounds


  • Dynamic Perspective is a custom-designed sensor system that responds to how you hold, view, and move Fire phone
  • Firefly Technology lets you instantly identify and take action on printed web and email addresses, phone numbers, QR, and bar codes, and over 100 million movies, songs, and products
  • Mayday – free, live on-device video tech support with an expert, 24×7, 365 days a year
  • Limited-time offer: includes a full year of Prime

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277 of 316 people found the following review helpful.
star40 tpng Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (AT & T)Android to Apple and back again — THE choice for those heavily invested in the Amazon Ecosystem.
By Mahlers2nd
I had been a die-hard Android fan — I didn’t want to be a slave to the Apple ecosystem. However, back in 2012, I drank the Apple Koolaid after having been given a macbook for work. I broke down and got an iPhone and it… just.. worked. Little things like smooth scrolling, not having to deal with daily updates for apps and buggy amateurish apps made me switch to apple.However, I have never been happy with iTunes — I am into the Amazon ecosystem big time… even now, I prefer to get my mp3s from Amazon. Books — Kindle all the way. And of course, Amazon Fire TV is my latest joy.So I decided to give this a shot. So far — it surpasses any android phone I have had. It has the same slick responsiveness that the Apple has. The apps I care about are tailor made for the phone so they work.This is bigger and heftier than the iPhone so that is taking some getting used to. However, I like the solid heavier feeling — it feels more substantial and durable (though time will tell whether that lasts). It feels good in my hand but still fits well in my purse — though tucking it into my jeans pocket is a bit snug!It pairs effortlessly with my bluetooth speakers that I have acquired for the Apple — though a good charging dock would be next on my list of accessories.The screen is REALLY amazing. I have the retina display for my iPad and this phone far surpasses any android device I have had … and the retina display.The biggest appeal for me with this phone is not having to go through several transformations to get my music from Amazon to the computer and then sync to the phone. I have all my music and a lot of my documents on Amazon’s cloud drive and therefore, it is instantly accessible to me with the phone — again, there are work arounds for that with the iPad and iPhone but they are just that… work AROUNDS… rather than just… plain… work!Call quality is fine… Despite a 13 mp camera, this still isn’t going to make you throw out your DSLR — mainly image quality is more about the sensor and less about megapixels.Sound quality with the stock headphones is quite good — clearly superior to the headphones supplied with an iPhone… not to mention more comfortable. However, if you are serious about your music, you will still want to upgrade to a better set. If you are on a budget (particularly after dropping a several hundred on this phone, RHA makes some very good sounding and affordable earbuds and headphones that won’t break the bank).My quibble is that is not available on Verizon… yet. But then again, the iPhone wasn’t either at first.Amazon is clearly going head-to-head with Apple. And since I first started down the Apple path, I would have said they were late to the game. But Apple is slipping — they are requiring more and more frequent updates and starting to experience some of the instability that caused me to switch from Android in the first place.Is this YOUR dream phone? That depends… If you are deeply tied to Amazon through Prime, Video on Demand, Music, and Kindle — this is the device for you. However, if you “spread the wealth” and have a lot invested in the Apple ecosystem, then you will be fighting many of the same battles that iPhone users deal with when trying to use Amazon. However, without a doubt, this is THE BEST Android phone I have used and the best one one the market.[NCJAR]

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star40 tpng Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (AT & T)Ongoing Review of Amazon Fire Phone. Good for Prime user! May need bit more better price to convince non Prime user to buy
By Amazon Reviewer
This is the Amazon phone you are looking for! Does everything Amazon which is great consider I have Kindle. This review will constantly be updated. If you find this helpful, please press Yes below.My profile: Heavy gadget users for personal and business purposes. I use my phone (Galaxy S5) quite a bit for personal use and iPhone 5 for workI have the following and/or used the following before:1) iPhone 52) Galaxy S53) Galaxy S34) Wife’s Moto X5) Galaxy Nexus6) Nexus One7) iPhone 3GSI’ve been through many devices and also Kindle Fire Tablets. This will be an ongoing review for this device throughout this next year. I will provide a detail comparison between the smartphones I use and a little bit of Kindle Fire comparison (which uses similar OS).Spec (8/10):For Amazon first attempt, this is a very decent phone. It has the speed of my wife’s Moto X but not where it is for Galaxy S5. However, this phone is built much differently for different purpose. It’s an “experience” phone rather than a “spec” phone. Like an iPhone or Moto X, it provides a very tight experience to its Fire OS without needing any of the raw power that you get from Galaxy S5 to please you. It’s a phone that does “just enough” for all the things the OS is capable of doing for youScreen (9/10):This screen is very nice. At 720p, it may not have the clarity of the Galaxy S5 but beats the iPhone 5. Video on this is crisp. Running 720p content is absolutely fabulous on this device and no shadowing whatsoever.Sound(8/10):The sound system in this Fire Phone is Digital Dolby Plus. This means lots of virtualization of sound and a good pair of earphones wlil help you go through your tracks. Quality is on par with Galaxy S5 for low bitrate soundtrack but at higher bitrate, the Galaxy S5 maybe better with the 24-bit/192kHz DAC built in that the Fire Phone is lacking. The earphone that comes with the device is very clever with magnetic pad to stick the earphones together and reduce tangle.Build & Styling (7/10):This Fire Phone is a sturdy piece of brick. Yes, a brick I said because there’s not much styling to it. It’s like holding a phone from 2010. Styling is more inline with the Nexus 4 with Glass back and the iPhone 3GS with round side. People may think you are holding some cheapo knockoff phone without the Amazon logo on the back of the phone. Definitely you won’t impress your colleagues if you are going for the looks. However, it does feel very sturdy and I can tell it can take some major drops. I advise getting a case to stylize your phoneCamera (8/10)The Camera on the Fire Phone is mediocre at best. It’s not as good as Galaxy S5 16MP ISOCELL camera but it serves it purpose. There is Optical Image Stabilization on this camera which is done quite well and much less blurry shots that you expect from phones such as the Galaxy S5. Details won’t be on par with Galaxy S5 but for those quick snap this is the phone to use.The best part about the camera is not actually the camera but the free cloud storage on the camera. You get UNLIMITED photo storage using the Fire Phone. For the ones that go crazy snapping around all the time, you don’t have to worry about storage space anymore. Remember this is for photos and not for videos. Videos still have storage limits.Software & Experience (8/10):There are two major software that is the biggest feature on this phoneDynamic Perspective – This tracks your head movement by using the 5 cameras in the four corners of the Fire Phone’s front face to track your head constantly. If you try to move your head or tilt your phone, your perspective will be align with the phone. Special viewpoints are like the edge of icons, image focus that you don’t see at other angles. It’s fun to play with but frankly a bit of a gimmick.Firefly – Click the firefly button on the phone and point it towards the item you want to purchase, and it will appear on your phone for purchase if available or recognized. It’s great idea but really only works around 50% of the time. For example, it’s definitely not useful if the item is not on Amazon’s selection (which is possible surprisingly) or that it recognize it as something else. Purchasing can’t be more easier with this and it’s a very good direction Amazon is taking for improve customer experience. But until this can work more than 50% of the time, I will stick with the Amazon mobile store for purchases.The other apps are very similar to the Kindle Fire apps. If you are using a Kindle Fire, this should be easy for you to use and navigate. Things like Mayday is still available on the phone which is definitely useful for people who are less tech savvy. I will find this very useful for my mom so that she can ask Mayday rep the tech questions instead of me!This phone is definitely not as open as actual Android phones such as Galaxy S5. Although Fire OS is based on Android, it is still a very closed system and it’s Amazon every intention to keep you in their ecosystem. If you are like me who have Amazon Prime, this device is a godsend. All your instant video/musics/purchase is tightly intergrated to this smartphone. If you live by Amazon, this is the phone to get. However, if you like to play around with things such as custom ROMs then it’s best to stay off this phone. You won’t be getting the type of freedom on customization that you get on Android.Battery (6.5/10):Battery life is quite good given the phone is not top specification. However, the Dynamic Perspective and Firefly can drain your battery quite fast if you use it constantly. Unfortunately, you cannot remove the battery of the phone and replace it with another (which Galaxy S5 has and it is very handy feature to have) so you better be careful how you use your phone.Complimentary Accessories (6/10):There are quite a number of cases out for the Fire Phone at launch which is great. Additionally the accessories that come with the phone such as the earphone are very good.Value (6/10):This is a very hard one to write about.On one hand, you get one full year of Prime membership for free which is 99 dollars in value + unlimited photo storage (which can be quite expensive if you are using other cloud service to storage over 1000 GB of photos)On the other hand, you are lock down to all Amazon services + AT&T exclusivity + mediocre specification (though enough for this phone as I mentioned) + $200 on contract for 32gb which is as expensive as some high end phones available todayFor value, it really comes down to how often you use Amazon. If you are an Amazonholic, then this phone will not disappoint you. However, if you don’t even have Amazon Prime to begin with or that you are not locked down currently to any Amazon service, this device can be quite expensive for getting into Amazon services.Conclusion in one sentence: Great for CURRENT Amazon service users & not so great for anyone not locked into their system yet.Perhaps Amazon needs to rethink its pricing strategy for this device. For current Amazon customers such as myself who know Amazon good service that we are currently locked into, this is a great upgrade to enhance the shopping experience of Amazon and to enjoy all the Amazon Prime services on my most frequently used device. However, it can be quite expensive sacrifice for newcomers to Amazon ecosystem especially this phone is not cheap (unlike the Kindle Fire) and that the mediocre specs are not selling itself. Especially with AT&T exclusivity, I don’t see how this device will be flying off the shelf (think Facebook phone). What Amazon should do is to reprice this to cheaper bracket (Free on 2 year contract at least) or let people try using this phone for free for a limited amount of time. Dynamic Perspective and Firefly are just not enough to sell the phone to newcomers.As mentioned, I will update this review periodically. Next time I will focus on physical wear and tear of the machine after couple more months and again on battery life (as all electronics have a diminishing battery duration throughout its course of use). [...] Thanks for reading!

208 of 240 people found the following review helpful.
star30 tpng Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (AT & T)Ok first try but there are better options out there, feels overpriced.
By DP21
Pros-1. Nice comfortable build.2. Good camera.3. Excellent 24/7 customer service.4. Dynamic Perspective is fun and unique.5. Pretty nice headphones are included.6. One year of Free Amazon Prime.Cons-1. Missing Google apps.2. Gestures and navigation is overcomplicated.3. Mediocre battery life.4. Bad value for your money.Over the last couple of days I have managed to get my hands on the much anticipated Amazon Fire phone. I had being waiting with anticipation for this phone for the last few months and was very excited when it was finally announced. My initial impression has a being a mixed bag. While I commend Amazon for trying to create a unique experience and bringing new features like Dynamic Perspective, I simply can’t ignore the shortcomings of this phone and the many improvements it needs. I will elaborate more below.DESIGNThe phone has a 4.7 inch display and weights 160 grams. Not the lightest phone in the market but I personally don’t mind. It feels solid in the hand. The phone is comfortable to hold making it an excellent one handed device. The size of the phone is a very good compromise between smaller phones like the IPhone 5S and bigger android phone like the G3, HTC One, and Galaxy S5.The front and back of the phone are made of Gorilla Glass 3. It reminds me a lot of the IPhone 4S and the Nexus 4. The glass on the back is very prone to fingerprints. If the IPhone 4S is any indications this phone is going to have durability problems. That glass back is going to inevitably break when you drop the phone a couple of times. Keep this in mind. A case is a must for this phone. The border around the phone is made of rubber. It makes for an excellent grip when making calls. It will come in handy if you are one of those people that tend to drop your phone a lot.The phone features several hardware buttons around the device. On the left hand side you have a dedicated “Firefly” button (more on that later) along with the volume up and down keys. On the top you have the power button and the 3.5 mm jack for headphones. You also have a single physical home button on the front of the phone similar to the one found on the Galaxy S5 and the IPhone 5S. The front look of the device is unique because it has 5 front facing cameras. One of them is the regular front facing camera to take selfies and the other four is for the “Dynamic Perspective” 3D effects (more on that coming up). I don’t particularly like the front view but I got used to it and have learned to ignore the camera holes.The phone has a unibody design. Meaning that the back cover is not removable and neither is the battery. It also lacks any slot to use MicroSD cards. The phone is not waterproof either. I would have liked if Amazon would have added a fingerprint scanner on the physical home button of the device. This phone is made primarily to have a convenient way to purchase items on Amazon. It would have been nice to have a fingerprint scanner that would authorize you to make purchases without having to put a password or pin. Not to mention it provides better security than a regular pin or password.Overall, the design of the phone is nice but there is definitely room for improvement in future versions.DISPLAYThe phone has a 4.7 inch display that has a resolution of 1280 x 720. That is a step below most high end smartphone. It is not terrible by any means. In fact, I got done reviewing the LG G3 a few days ago and in terms of actual usage the difference in resolution is negligible. The difference is much bigger on paper than in real life usage. From a normal viewing distance you can barely tell any difference. The screen color saturation is pretty nice.One of the things that I like about the phone is the screen brightness. Outdoor visibility is excellent. It is easily one of the brightest smartphones on the market. If you find yourself having a hard time reading and viewing videos outdoors you are going to appreciate this. When indoors I used the phone at around 40% percent brightness and it was more than enough.PERFORMANCEThe Fire phone comes with a very powerful processor. It is the Snapdragon 800 clocked in at 2.2 GHz. It also has 2 GB of ram memory. Most of the high end phones released this year have come with the newer Snapdragon 801 which is slightly faster than the one found on the Amazon Fire phone. The Fire phone manages to hold its own though. The interface performed relatively smooth and I did not experienced much lag. You will not have any problem performing everyday tasks like phone calls, text messages, Facebook, Twitter etc.The only time where I experienced a bit of lag and stuttering was when I was playing 3D games that used Dynamic Perspective. They should have gone with the latest processor. Those 3D effects seem to take a lot of processing power. I hope some of these stutters are software bugs that can be improved later on. More often than not the phone felt quick and responsive. I am not going to argue too much about its performance. For general usage it is more than enough but I am a bit concerned on how it will perform over the 2 year contract lifetime.USER INTERFACE, DYNAMIC PERSPECTIVE AND FIREFLYThe Amazon Fire phone is an Android phone. It doesn’t look like any phone you have used in the past though. That is because it comes with a skin on top of android known as Fire OS. It looks very similar to the one found on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Instead of the regular row of icons and widgets you find on other android smartphones you will see a carousel that scrolls around on your home screen. The carousel shows all of the apps and videos you have used in the past. It shows them in chronological order. The ones you have used more recently appears first. It is very useful when you are trying to switch between recently used applications. Below the carousel you see recommendations and notifications.Remember those four cameras on the front of the device that I talked about earlier? Well the purpose of those is to track your head movements. When you are navigating through apps on any regular phone you will find that you have tabs on the sides of the apps that will open menus and other options if you swipe from the sides. Well on this phone you can do that with a flick of your wrist. Depending on whether you tilt your phone to the left or the right it will show you different menus and additional information. It is useful if you are like using the phone one handed. These gestures are optional though and you can simply use the regular swiping from the sides if you prefer. The gestures are found on some of the apps but not all of them. It will probably be integrated in more apps in the future.Besides tracking your movements the cameras on the front provide what Amazon calls Dynamic Perspective. This adds a 3D effect to the lock screen of the phone as well as games found on the Amazon store. The 3D effect is very impressive. Much better than the one found on the Nintendo 3DS. Amazon included its very own map application that takes advantage of this feature. When you look at the landscape of the map you can clearly see the top of the buildings in 3D. When you tilt the phone to you left you get more information on the map. The games I played that took advantage of Dynamic Perspective were pretty fun. I hope other developers jump into the bandwagon and created more custom applications for this phone. In my time using the phone I did not experience any nausea or eye fatigue with the 3D but that is going to vary from person to person.Firefly is another feature that is exclusive to this phone. When you press the Firefly physical button on the left side of the phone it automatically launches the Firefly application. You can use it to scan products in their packages and check whether it is available on Amazon. You can use it on movies, books, CD, DVDs, foods, diapers etc. It can also scan phone numbers as well as addresses. I personally find it to be a hit and miss in this aspect. Sometimes it makes mistakes when detecting numbers. You can also activate Firefly when you are listening to a song or a movie and it will tell you what it is. It works really fast and I found it to be particularly useful when watching TV. When you use it to find a show it will give the information regarding the actors and the movie. It uses IMDB as a reference.The regular Amazon app that comes in the Play Store has the ability to scan items just like Firefly but it will not scan for phone numbers, songs or movies. There is an app on the Play Store called Shazaam that can be used to scan songs that are playing on the background. So, as you can see, Firefly is a convenient feature but there are alternatives that you can use on other phones. So it is not necessarily a feature that makes this phone a must buy in my opinion. You will like Firefly if you like buying items directly from Amazon though. If you like to do comparison shopping you will probably use it often. The application is easy to use and makes buying from Amazon incredibly simple.CAMERAThe phone comes with a 13 Megapixel camera. I was very pleased with the shots I managed to take. I found night time pictures to be above average for a cell phone. I found the phone took a 2-3 seconds to take each shot at nigh time but for the most part they came out relatively noise free. I took a few pictures during daytime and found it to be very nice also. The pictures had plenty of detail when you zoom them and the colors did not feel washed out. The only thing I would improve is the focusing and shutter time. The LG G3 and Galaxy S5 are quicker to focus. But honestly that is just nitpicking at this point. The camera is very good. I was satisfied.The software and user interface of the camera app was very simple and easy to use. Not as feature packed as the one found on Galaxy S5 or Sony Xperia Z2 but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I prefer the clutter free interface better. Most of the critically important modes were present including HDR mode. HDR mode had a pretty natural effect. Other smartphones provide a very artificial and retouched feel in HDR mode.As far as video is concerned you can take videos at 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. The videos looked sharp but nothing out of the ordinary. For the most part they were relatively stable and were not shaky (by cell phone standards). Most high end cell phones are starting to come out with the ability to record at 4K resolution. That is not a priority now it may be in a couple of years once 4K TV prices start to lower their prices. This phone cannot do that. Keep this in mind if you are planning to get this phone.As a bonus Amazon has offered unlimited cloud storage for pictures taken with this cell phone. Pretty sweet deal. I am not sure if videos are included though. I have not tried uploading any pictures because my internet connection is slow and it takes forever for me to do that.APP STORE AND ECOSYSTEMAmazon like other phones come with its own suite of apps. It comes with its very own its custom browser, calendar, email, maps and more. For the most part they are decent apps but not as refined as the Google apps. Keep in mind that you will not have access to any of the Google apps on this phone. That means you will not be able to use Google Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, or Google Music. That is a huge negative of this phone. If you are deeply entrenched in the Google ecosystem this may not be the phone for you.Everything is not bad though. When you buy this cell phone you get one year access to Prime membership. That means you can get free two day shipping to many of the items found on Amazon. You also have access to Prime Instant Videos and Music. Neither one has a particularly large library but I always find something decent to watch. As of the time I am writing this review this is the only android cell phone with access to Amazon Prime Instant videos. However, I read that Amazon is going to be adding the Instant video app to the Play Store soon. That means other cell phones are going to be able to use it as well.Unfortunately this phone does not have access to the Google Play Store. Instead you have to rely on the Amazon App Store to get your apps. Most of the big apps are available such as Facebook, Twitter, and Vine. It also has a lot of the most popular games. Where it falls short is with smaller apps. There is not nearly as much customization available. There are less available keyboards, launchers, and themes to choose from. When you dig deeper than the popular apps you will notice there are many apps missing that are available on the Play Store and the IOS App Store.CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MAYDAY BUTTONThis phone comes with a feature called Mayday. When you activate this feature you get access to an Amazon live customer service rep that helps you operate the phone and answer any questions you might have about the user interface. They can even take control of the phone with your permission and show you step by step instructions in case you get stuck. The service is available 24/7 and it is free. It takes only about 15 seconds from the time you push the mayday button to the time you start talking to the agent. It is an invaluable tool for those people that are not good with technology and have a hard time adjusting to smartphones. It is excellent for first time smartphone users. This is a service that no other phone company can match at the moment.I have dealt with Amazon for many year. I have purchased and sold hundreds of item on the website. Every time I have had a problem I have found the customer service to be helpful, efficient, and reliable. If you ever have any problem with the phone and it needs replacing it will take no more than a few minutes to talk to an agent and they will be ordering an exchange. The only other company that can match this level of service is Apple. I have tried dealing with Samsung, LG, and HTC and it has been a real pain to get decent customer service.STORAGEThe base model of the phone comes with a 32 GB hard drive. There is also a 64 GB model available for $100 dollars more. Keep in mind there is no MicroSD card slot available. So what you see is what you get. There is no way to add more storage. I am using the 32 GB model. Only 23 GB was available out of the box.BATTERY LIFEThis phone comes with a non-removable 2400 mah battery. Most smartphones have a battery life of at least a day. Most of the big android phones can last longer than that if you are careful and don’t use the phone much. Amazon claims this phone can last a day with normal use. I barely made it to the end of the day before having to recharge the phone. I had to watch myself on more than one occasion or I would have the need to recharge by 3 p.m. This is while sending a few text, making a couple of calls, browsing the web for about an hour. I kept the brightness at about half way most of the time. The dynamic perspective seems to take a real toll on the battery. I could turn it off but then what is the purpose of buying this phone.The battery life is disappointing, there is no getting around that. The fact that you can’t remove it and replace it with another one makes it even worse. A real shame. Definitely one of the weakest points of this phone.HEADPHONES AND AUDIO SPEAKERSAlong with the phone Amazon will also package a pair of headphones. The cable on the headphones is flat and has magnetic ear buds. This makes the headphones tangle free which is critical to the durability of headphones. I found the sound to be crisp and loud for small headphones. It is not audiophile quality but it will get the job done when you are on the go. As far as sound is concerned they are in the same category as Apple ear buds.The phone has a set of dual speakers on the bottom of the phone. By cell phone standards they are pretty good. They are fairly loud and don’t have a muddy sound like the one on the S5. I have not used them much though. I am more of a headphone person. VALUE FOR $$$This phone is very expensive, it costs $200 dollars with a 2 year contract and $650 dollars without one. All of the major premium manufacturers cost $100 with a contract. That includes the IPhone 5S, HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5 and the just released LG G3. If you are considering a phone off contract I would recommend the Nexus 5 from Google. For $350 you get a premium experience for nearly half the price of the Amazon Fire phone. Even with the free year of Prime membership and the headphones it still feels like a bad deal. It feels like Amazon really missed the boat on the price.The other high end smartphones on the market come with a larger, better quality screen, a faster processor, and a better ecosystem. All cell phones have their pros and their cons, however, when you stack the Fire phone head to head you will see it comes up short just about every time.Also keep in mind that the only carrier available is AT&T. So you have no other choice in the matter. The phone comes locked into the network.CONCLUSIONSo do I recommend this phone? Not really. Not at this price. The phone has a nice screen, good camera, and it is nicely built. However, its unique features are not enough to make me consider it over others in the market. The 3D capabilities are good and it has a lot of potential but as of right now it feels like a glorified Nintendo 3DS. Most of the 3D effect are prevalent on games and nothing more.The phone has very mediocre battery life and I can’t help but feel trapped in Amazon ecosystem. I miss the Google apps. I personally rely on Google Maps, Google Music, and Gmail every day.The only people I would recommend this phone are those that are buying a smartphone for the first time. The Mayday technical support is fantastic and is very helpful for new comers. New comers are less likely to miss the useful Google apps that are absent on this smartphone. I was not impressed by the first edition of the Kindle Fire tablet but Amazon improved it considerably with future versions. I really hope they do the same with its phone. It really needs it.I don’t want to sound negative, the phone itself is pretty good. But I have to be honest. There are better options. I hope this review has helped you decide whether this phone is right for you. I thank you for having taken the time to read it. If you have any other questions regarding the phone please feel free to put it on the comment section and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

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